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Broadway Builders Inc.

Broadway Builders came to us to update their logo and give it a refresh. They were also interested in creating some new graphics for trailers, t-shirts and hats for the crew and even some koozie options.

The owner was great to work with and had lot's of input on what he wanted. We worked together to get exactly what he wanted, complete client satisfaction.


Below are some of the options presented to client as intital rough direction designs

Below are some of the revision options we created on our way to final design. As we progresss through the project my client gravitated towards the Font that was in the original logo so we incorporated that but used it in a more updated way.


Here is the final logo that was chosen. Broadway is also celebrating 20 years in business so we created a way to add that into some of the products. Original designed Double B will be used as an Icon in various applications.

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